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Drain Inspections

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I called Draincheck to inspect my house that I had just purchased because I had blocked sewer pipes.  Once Draincheck had unblocked my drain pipes they inspected the drains with a drain camera and found that all my drains under the extension had collapsed.  When I explained to Draincheck that I had had two pest and building inspections they went on to explain to me that they are not included in the building reports and that it was my responsibility to have them checked separately if I felt it necessary . I had to saw cut up 30 meters of concrete floor to replace the old clay pipes with new plastic piping. I wish I had contacted Draincheck for a drain inspection prior to signing the contracts would have saved me a lot of heartache and money.


Sharon Neuman

Runnaway Bay

We had been in our new house for only a week when all the sewage pipes started overflowing inside.  We contacted Draincheck and they inspected our drain pipes with a cctv drain camera and found that all the pipes down the side of the house were all broken and full of tree roots. They also located the septic tank that we weren’t even aware we had! Had we have known about this service prior to buying our house we would have contacted Draincheck,  we never even gave it a second thought.


Had we carried out this service prior it would have saved us thousands.


Bob and Linda Kerby


We engaged the services of Draincheck because we were looking at buying a property and wanted to know where the sewer lines ran so we could work out if we would be able to build a pool in the house we were looking to buy.  Luckily for us the sewer line didn’t run where we wanted to build the pool.   Draincheck located the lines and gave us the depth of all drainage lines on the property also the internal condition of the pipes it was all recorded for us on DVD .


Andrew Henderson

Burliegh Waters