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Drain Inspections

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Welcome To Drain Check


Building or buying a property?

Don’t overlook one of the most important and often most expensive things to repair…..your drains! Drain inspections are NOT part of the pest and building inspection process nor are they inspected at handover stage of a new home. We use the latest technology to inspect all internal and external house drainage lines. The entire inspection process is recorded on to DVD/USB so you can view any cracked pipes or problem areas before any decision is made. For home buyers, a drain inspection provides the assurance that all plumbing is working as it should. If problems are found, you have the opportunity for price negotiation, to have the problem repaired or to simply walk away from the purchase.

Why carry out a drain inspection?

You wouldn’t buy a house without a pest and building report so why would you exclude your drains from being inspected which is possibly the most expensive service to replace. Unsuspecting buyers are unaware of drainage defects and the costs involved to repair. House drainage is expensive, but buyers fail to give it a second thought when purchasing their dream home “out of sight out of mind”.

Before buying someone else’s problems, contact Drain Check to carry out a highly detailed, recorded inspection and certification of your drains.

  •  80% of house drains have some sort of defect, some of these causes are broken pipes due  to ground movement and large tree roots breaking pipes.
  • Drainage pipes are often installed incorrectly from day one.
  • Concrete formwork stakes are often driven into drains when forming up during  construction of house slab and foot paths.
  • The average cost of repairs can be thousands of dollars.
  • Houses with drainage problems can be 6 months to 60 years of age.
  • Apartments and units can also suffer the same fate with old pipes in concrete slabs rusting, corroding and squashing over time.


Why choose Drain Check?

  • We work independently for you and you only and we have only your best interests at heart.
  • We work for reputable Pest and Building companies as well as in conjunction with  solicitors, conveyancers and direct with the public.
  • Have your drain checked by a fully accredited professional drain inspector.
  • Have your drainage lines surveyed and mark the position for future reference E.g. building  works, pools, fences, etc.
  • All Drain Checks are signed off given guarantee and certificate of certification.